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Details of Infrastructure:

a) Religious Aspect:

  • i. Dhamma Hall:
  • This is the main structure, which will be located at the central point. It will occupy approximately 600 sq. m. of area and will hold a 6m tall monument of Buddha. This hall will be opened for all the people to worship. The building for the Dhamma hall shall be constructed in traditional Nepali style.
  • ii. Stupa:
  • The Stupa will be constructed at the center point of the pond. The stupa will hold four different images of Buddha at its four sides.
  • iii. Buddha statue:
  • This standing image of Buddha is to be constructed inside the Dhamma hall. The statue will be 6m tall and it will represent to deliver message of peace to the people all over the world.

b) Educational Aspect:

The educational block will include about 10 classrooms which can accommodate an average of 30 students. This block also has a separate office room, toilets and a staff room. The library at this block will hold about 1000 volumes of Buddhist literature and will accommodate 50 visitors at one time.

c) Residential Aspect:

The residential aspect include quarters for monks, students and guest rooms for the guests. The monks' quarters will house 30 rooms. The students hostel will have a capacity of 80-100 students. This block will also have a separate common hall and other facilities. The guest room will hold 10 visitors at a time.

d) Environmental Aspect:

The garden, plantation of Bodhi Brichya tree and a special pond with lotus plants will be the main attraction of this aspect. The greenery and flowers of the garden will inspire people to refresh their minds at this center.

e) Miscellaneous:

Kitchen and a dining hall for monks, students and visitors will be made with a capacity of 150 heads at a time. The boundary wall for the security of this center is also to be constructed. The front gate will be of old Nepali style.

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