The Project


Buddha Bhumi Buddhist Center Project is a non-governmental, religious, educational and social service organization for the all around development of mankind. This project is concerned with the education of the helpless and underprivileged children who do not have access to proper education. Besides that, it will conduct training programs to the Buddhist monks for the progress of the world peace.

Objectives of Buddha Bhumi Buddhist Center:

1. Develop Dhamma Research and Education Center
   I. Bhikkhu & Samaner (Monks & Novice) Dhamma/Vinaya Training Center.
   II. Buddha Dhamma Research and Education Center for children, youth and all ages.
2. Scholarship programs for poor but Intelligent children.
3. Propagate Buddha's teachings to locals and others.
4. Help to helpless children, youths and older people.
5. Conduct Free Health Camp.
6. Writing, translating and publishing books on Buddhism in local and foreign languages.
7. Conducting meditation programs for retreat and spiritual development.
8. Establish a resources library for the benefit of students, teachers and researchers.
9. Publish a monthly magazine on Buddhism.
10. Launch action-orientated programs in the areas of social culture and humanitarian and relief activities.
11. Conduct various seminars for the welfare of (Buddhists) children, youth and people of all ages.
12. Establish a Buddhist monastery for religious activities of the devotees to benefit peace of mind.
13. To maintain relationship with international Buddhist friendship and brotherhood societies and with mutual    understanding to direct Buddhism towards the movement for world peace.
14. Conduct Dhamma preaching and Dhamma lecture programs.
15. Conduct Buddhist festivals and ceremony programs regularly accoring to calendar.

We aspire to build a strong and united society to abolish poverty and illiteracy so as to achieve happiness, harmony, prosperity and progress. We appeal you to join us in our effort to give hope and meaning to life to those who are badly in need of it.

Salient Features of Buddha Bhumi Buddhist Center:

Buddha Bhumi Buddhist Center Project, Nepal is a multi-dimensional project with the sole aim of benefiting humanity. In order to achieve its objectives, the following infrastructures are needed:

Religious Aspect = Dhamma & Meditation Hall
Big Stupa & Buddha Statue
Big Bell & Pond

Educational Aspect = Class Rooms & Library
Office & Computer Room

Residential Aspect = Monks & Students' Quarters
Guest House

Environmental Aspect = Garden & Tree planting
Green ground

Miscellaneous = Kitchen & Dining Hall
Main Gate & Wall
Health room


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