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Stupa Ground Breaking ceremony was initiated by the Honorable Deputy Priminister and Defence Minister of Nepal Mr. Ishwor Pokharel amidst the guests from Shri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and Nepal.


Kathin of 2019 was undertaken under the Grandsponsorship of the Malaysia Buddhist Sanctuary and the other sponsors from Singapore, Japan and the devotees from Nepal.


"Relics of Lord Gautama Buddha presented bye the Government of Shree Lanka is being walked through the city of Tokha in a parade. It now remains as the valuable asset of Buddha Bhumi Mahavihar and open to devotees for homage.


"Ground Breaking Ceremony" for the proposed "Therawada Pagoda" will be held in Nov 10, 2019 amidst the distinguisehed dignitaries from Nepal and abroad. The foundation stone will be laid down by the Honorable Prime Minister of Nepal. Total cost for the construction is estimated at U.S. $ 2 Million.


Bhikkhu Kolit sppeaks about Gunla Dhamma on Keeps FM.

Inauguration ceremony of the new Dhamma Hall named Tri Ratna by Ven. Ashoghosh and Maitree.

June 2011

Status Update of the Dhamma Hall underconstruction



May 2010

Helping hands to construct the Dhamma Hall


February 21, 2010:

Ven. Ogasawara T. Ryugen,Chife Priest of Kotakuji Emeritus, Professor of Komazawa University visits Buddhabhumi Buddhist Center.

Ven. Ogasawara T. Ryugen is being welcomed to the BBBC.

Founders of BBBC presenting their gift to the Ven. Ogasawara T. Ryugen.

Ven. Ogasawara T. Ryugen poses for photograph together with the delegates from Matsumoto City and the local devotees.

February 8, 2010:

Ven. Yamamoto Kenzen of Saku City Japan visits Buddhabhumi Buddhist Center

Ven. Yamamoto Kenzen is being welcomed to the BBBC.

Ven. Yamamoto Kenzen poses for photograph together with the founders of the BBBC and the local devotees.


Inauguration of Sanghawasa

Celebrating Buddhajaynti

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